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Violet's Art Vision

The mission behind Violet's Art vision is to instruct students on the importance of ecology, wildlife conservation, and environmental concerns through eco art education.

Teachers may use our projects, lessons and coloring sheets in the classroom, either as a stand alone piece or as part of bigger lesson.

High School students may complete our projects, lessons and coloring sheets as a means to acquire volunteer hours as we are a non profit organization.  Simply choose one of our learning opportunities from below, follow the steps outlined in the directions and submit the specified criteria to show us that you have completed the assignment and we will send you a form letter validating your volunteer hours.


Our coloring sheets include informational content related to the featured animal as a means to educate students through art.  Our lesson provide a more thorough exploration of topics with reading material, video links and printable pdf worksheets.  Our art projects are designed to focus attention on our mission in greater depth calling upon students to complete a variety of action steps.


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